LAVRENTY Chernigovskiy (Luke Proskura Evseyevich)
Shiarhimandrit Lavrenty was born in 1868 in the village Karylskoe Krolevetsky County Chernigov province. Father and mother were deeply religious people and children were brought up believing in God.
In 1912, a 45-year life, Luke was tonsured a monk with the name Lawrence. Two years later he was ordained deacon in, and in 1916 - in the priesthood. In 1928, the Exarch of Ukraine, by definition, Metropolitan Michael was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite. In 1923, in Kiev on. Lavrenty was secretly ordained in the schema Lavra by shiigumen Gabriel.
Lawrence was a strict follower of Chernigov Orthodox faith. To him and tried to ordinary people, intellectuals, and Chernigov. Visitors quickly learn that the Trinity Monastery is the spiritual father of the high life, and were glad to get it. Its full of love, the gift of discernment, the gift of enlightenment attracted not only the laity, but also many of the clergy.


1. Comes late, when the clergy and carried away by worldly worldly wealth. They will have cars and cottages, will visit the resort areas, and the Jesus Prayer will be taken away! They forget about it! Then they will go astray, you want to go, but people will lead to a faint-hearted! But you be wise and judicious. Beautiful words to hear, but their deeds do not follow!
And you say and I am very sorry about this, that you will buy the house, to kill time for the cleaning of big beautiful monastery premises. A prayer for you will not have enough time, even though they promised to unselfishness!

2. When you see a little freedom, will open churches, monasteries, and will repair them, all the false doctrines will come out with the demons and atheists secret (Catholics, Uniates, ukrainian dissenters and others) and strongly in Ukraine will rise up against the Russian Orthodox Church, its unity and catholicity. This group will support the heretical godless power, and so will take away from the Orthodox Church and the faithful beat. Then, the Metropolitan of Kiev (not worthy of this title), together with their like-minded bishops and priest strongly shake the Russian Church. The whole world is surprised at his lawlessness and afraid. Sam will go to eternal perdition, as Judas. But all these slanders and false teachings of evil in Russia will disappear and be One Church Russian Orthodox.

3. The devil in them (dissenters and Uniates) comes in, and they with Satanic malice rise up against the Orthodox Faith and Church, but there will be a shameful end, and their followers will suffer the punishment of heaven from the Lord the King of the Force.

4. Recently, the demons in hell will not. Everyone will be on the ground and in humans. There will be a terrible disaster on earth, not even water will not. Then there will be world war. Will be as strong a bomb that iron will burn, melt rocks. Fire and smoke from dust would be up to the sky. And the earth was burned up. People will be very little, and then begin to shout: "Down with the war and put a king." Choose a king who would be born of the Virgin lascivious twelfth tribe, and the royal family will be nice for the wicked, and the pious will see it terribly awful. In royal robes will go in a chariot, and will arrive at the garden, come and go walk around the garden, wondering how he build his own kingdom. Suddenly opens the abyss, will water, and water as if someone spill, and it seems that someone in his back. He will look back and see the terrible monster, and shout in alarm, open the mouth wide. At this point, dwell in him a demon, and since then it will be the Antichrist. The Antichrist will sit on the throne in Jerusalem. Lucifer now bound in hell, and God will unleash his, and he dwell in the king-the Antichrist.

5. This is a war that no one never will, unless in the gorge. Will fight to remain two or three states and say, elect themselves a king in the entire universe. And the elect! Antichrist will be elected as king and head of the World "peacemaker" in the world. We must listen carefully, you should be careful!
The time will come when they shall walk and sign for a king on earth. And they will be strictly rewrite men. Come to a house, and there the husband's wife and children. And my wife will try to persuade her husband: "Come on, partner, we will subscribe. For we have children, but then do not buy for them." And the husband says, "Dear wife, do you want, but I am ready to die, but for the Antichrist will not sign."
Here now are voting, then drop your left hand - it's nothing, but still not the same throughout the world. As soon as the vote for one of the world, know that this is what he is and not vote.
Recently, true Christians will be invoked, and the old and infirm even though the wheels grab and run with them.

6. There comes a time when churches and inactive (closed) will be repaired, equipped not only outside but also inside. Domes will gild both churches and bell towers. And when all is finished, there will come a time when the Antichrist will reign. Pray that the Lord has continued to us more time to strengthen it, because we expect a terrible time. Repair of the churches will continue until the coronation of the Antichrist, and we will be unprecedented splendor.
And see how all artfully prepared? All churches will be in the greatest splendor, as ever, and go to those churches will not be, because there will not bring Bloodless Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Understand that the church will be something, but Orthodox Christians will not be able to attend because there will be all "satanic gathering"! I repeat once more that go into those temples can not be: the grace they will not!
The Antichrist will be crowned as king in Jerusalem, a magnificent church with the clergy and the Patriarch.
There will be free entry into Jerusalem and travel to every person. But then, try not to go because everything will be done in order to deceive.
The Antichrist will come from the lascivious virgins - Jewish twelfth tribe of "fornication." Already lad he is very capable and intelligent, and especially since, when he was a boy, age 12, while walking with his mother in the garden, to meet with Satan, who came out of the abyss itself, enter into it. The boy tremble with fear, but Satan will say, "Do not worry, I will help thee." From this boy matures into the likeness of men "antichrist." With his coronation, when it is read "Creed", it will not give it to read correctly, which will be the words of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, he will deny this, and recognizes only itself. And at the same patriarch exclaims that this is the Antichrist, and for it to be put to death.

At coronation "antichrist" and will be wearing gloves. And when will they take in order to cross the Patriarch noticed that his fingers not nails, claws, and it will serve as a great confidence that this is the antichrist. Will descend from heaven the prophets Enoch and Elijah, who will also explain to all people and to exclaim: "This is the antichrist, do not trust him." And he shall slay them, but they will be resurrected and fly to the sky.
The Antichrist will be trained strongly all the tricks of Satan, and he will do the signs are false. He will hear and see the whole world.
He is "our people" will "stamp" stamp. Will hate Christians. Will begin the last persecution of the Christian soul that refuses to print Satan.
Immediately begin the persecution of the land of Jerusalem, and then of all places of the globe will spill their blood for the last name of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Of you, my children, and many survive to this terrible time. Printing will be such that it will be visible immediately: accepted or not.
Nothing can be neither bought nor sold a Christian. But do not be discouraged. The Lord will not leave their children ... do not need to fear! ..
Church will be, but the Orthodox Christian walk in them can not be, because there will not bring Bloodless Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and there will be all the "satanic" gathering ...
And for this land will cease to bear iniquity, from all the crack of drought, will give such slots that people can fall.

 Christians will be put to death or exile in the wilderness. But the Lord will help nourish and his followers. Jews also will round up in one place. Some Jews who truly lived by the law of Moses, will not print the Antichrist. They will wait, look closely to his act. They know that their ancestors did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, but there are so God willing, that their eyes were opened, and they will not print Satan and accept Christ and will reign with Christ.
And all the poor people will follow Satan, and when the land will not yield, people will come to him asking for bread, and he replied: "The earth did not bear grain. I can not do anything. "
Water will not be, all the rivers and lakes dry up. This disaster will last three and a half years. But for the sake of his elect Lord shorten those days. In those days are still to be strong fighters, the pillars of Orthodoxy, which will be strongly influenced by the heart of Jesus' prayer. And the Lord will cover them with his divine grace, and they will not see those false signs, which will be prepared for all people.
<...> Will be war, and where it will pass, people will not be there. And before that the Lord will send a small weak people sick, and they will
die. But when the Antichrist will not diseases. And the third World War would not have to repent, and to destroy.
<...> Repair of the churches will continue until the coming of the Antichrist, and everywhere will be an unprecedented splendor.
He <...> those Jews who refuse to print the Antichrist, and exclaim that it's cheating, but not our "Messiah" will save.


7. Many of the clergy will be lost when the Antichrist.

8. The Antichrist will be trained in all the diabolical tricks and will give a false sign. He will hear and see the world simultaneously.
[This is when] the holy place the abomination of desolation will stand and show the nasty seducing the world, and they will deceive people who have transgressed against God, and to create false miracles. And then they will be the Antichrist and the world will see it a one-off. [It is] not in the church and in every home. In one corner, where there are now, and hang the holy icons, will be fitted seductive (TV sets) to lure people. Many will say: "We need to look at and listen to the news ..." That's something in the news and will be the antichrist.
Blessed and
superblessed the man who does not wish and will not see God face abominable antichrist. Who will see and hear his blasphemous speech, it promises all worldly pleasures, he seduced and goes to meet him with adoration. And with it will die and will burn in eternal fire.


9. Lavrenty of Chernigov once said:
- We are with you, Mother Abbess, not live to see the Antichrist, and these thy nuns survive!
It was in 1948. Both nuns were born in 1923.

10. Russian people will repent of the deadly sins, that hath a Jewish wickedness in Russia, not defend God's Anointed King, the Orthodox Church and the monasteries, a host of martyrs and confessors of the saints and all the Russian saints. Despised piety and love devilish mischief. And for many years and praised the humor, and went up to worship the destroyer of the country - the Soviet-godless idol, as well as an idol, and Stalin, saying that his name immortal. [Lenin was in hell and Stalin would be the same.] Perish the memory of them with noise. Russia along with all the Slavic peoples and the lands will be a mighty kingdom. It will minister to God's Anointed King of the Orthodox. In Russia, will disappear all schisms and heresies. Jews from Russia will go to Palestine to meet the Antichrist, and in Russia there will be no Jews. The persecution of the Orthodox Church will not. Lord have mercy on Holy Russia, because it was a terrible time before the Antichrist. Beamed great regiment of the Martyrs and Confessors, starting from the highest spiritual and civil rank of Metropolitan, and the king, priest and monk, and even baby infant child and ending with the worldly man. They all beg the Lord God King Force, King of Kings and the Holy Trinity glorified the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Need to know firmly that Russia - the Queen of heaven and fate She cared about her and seeks highly. Whole host of Russian Saints with Virgin pleads for mercy Russia. In Russia will be flourishing and former Faith rejoicing (only for a short time, because the terrible Judge will judge the living and the dead). Russian Orthodox Tsar will fear even the Antichrist. And the others all countries except Russia and the Slavic lands, will be under the rule of the Antichrist and experience all the horrors and torments written Scripture.

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