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Forecast for 2013 based on the predictions of Nostradamus


The short time remaining before the end of 2012, which many feared. Worst expectations, he does not seem to justify, but it will not name a cloudless. The dramatic events in the Middle East that we started to talk, before, in particular in the forecast for 2011, emerging as a spiral. Of particular concern is the ongoing civil war in Syria, which could easily turn into an open inter-state armed conflict. Now let's take a look at those traditionally quatrains of Nostradamus, who, according to the formula of Caesar, includes in its time span in 2013. These are the same quatrains, which we used in the forecast for 2012.


This quatrain II-XXI from the date of execution - in 2011 (subject to error - 2009-2013.),

Ambassador, who arrived at bireme,
Halfway stop unknown.
He can get help from four triremes,
In the Negreponte prepared chains and ropes.

quatrain III-XCVII with the date of execution - in 2012 (or 2010-2014).

The new law will take a new earth.
In the [area] of Syria, Judea and Palestine.
Big Empire barbarians fall,
Before Phoebus (Pheses) determine its age.

quatrain IX - 2013 (or 2011-2015.)

Snakes to waste in an iron cage,
Where to put seven children of the King.
The old men come out of the depths of hell
To see how their children are dying / their fetus / death and screams.

and quatrain II-LXXXVI - 2014 (or 2012-2016

Shipwreck Fleet in the Adriatic waves.
The earth trembles, excited blast / air, hit the ground?.
Egypt trembles, increases [region] of Muhammad
Crier cries for the return of faith /?.

Let's start the projection and pay attention to the first in the list quatrain. Its central date - in 2011, but the forecast for 2012 we gave the option interpretation of the verse, which clearly shows that this quatrain refers to 2012 - namely, the first 3 lines, and it is a direct reference to that date. In the 4th line mentions the name "Negreponte." It can be interpreted as the "Black Sea." There is another meaning. The fact that Negreponte, aka Euboea - Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Briefly this verse can be translated as follows:

2012:  In the Negreponte prepared chains and ropes. (fr. - Cordes & chaines en Negrepont troussez.)

It is difficult to say whether we saw performance quatrain in 2012. With the Black Sea was not related major events for the year. Then consider the other option, that by "Negreponte" there was a view of Euboea. This island, like many other Mediterranean islands, has a complicated history, abounding territory, the transition from one power to another. It is remarkable that the Negreponte island received the name in 1204 after the conquest during the 4th crusade Latin Empire. If we assume that the Western countries are preparing military intervention, such as Syria or Iran, then it can be called a kind of crusade. Thus, we can say that in 2012 the Latins (Western countries) were prepared crusade, as, perhaps, says the 4th line quatrains.


Now for the quatrains III-XCVII with the execution date - 2012 (or 2010-2014.)

In our view the events taking place in the Middle East in 2012, correspond to the first two lines quatrain. The Arab Spring has brought new laws, including in the area of ​​Syria, Judea and Palestine. Further says about the collapse of the "Great Empire barbarians." It's hard to say with certainty that Nostradamus meant by that. We consider several versions. But once we say that the author does not consider barbaric power and not trying to insult anyone.

Version number 1: "Empire" of Arab countries. "Arab spring" has led to several changes, the old control system collapsed.

Version number 2: Union of Iran and Syria. Possible to change the regimes in these countries.

Version number 3: Turkey. In this case, the possible decay of Turkey. This version tells the similarity of words "Pheses" (from the 4th line) and "Ephesus", ie Ephesus - the city in Turkey.

Version number 4: U.S.. In this case, the possible disintegration of the USA. Of course it can be argued that the United States - is a highly technologically advanced country, but that the occurrence of the massacre of undesirables for U.S. leaders such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, saying the barbaric approach to solving some of the issues of foreign policy.

We proceed to the quatrains IX - 2013 (or 2011-2015)

This is a basic quatrain for us when projecting as he just falls in 2013. Only minus is that it is very mysterious. You can make hundreds of assumptions about the meaning of "snakes and the children of the King in an iron cage." Apparently, you need to accept the fact that these lines will be clear only after the occurrence of the predicted events. This often happens when it comes to Nostradamus. 3rd and 4th lines are clearer and more gloomy. Make specific suggestions seriously. The first thing that comes to mind when you read these lines - is the ability of a global catastrophe (war) with a large number of victims. However, it is possible that quatrain is a puzzle, the solution of which has a different meaning.


Finally, Quatrain II-LXXXVI - 2014 (or 2012-2016)

Shipwreck Fleet in the Adriatic waves.
The earth trembles, excited blast / air, hit the ground?.
Egypt trembles, increases [region] of Muhammad
Crier cries for the return of faith /?.

2012 was a relatively calm and there is no reason to believe that Quatrain II-LXXXVI already filled. There was no shipwreck fleets or explosions, worthy to be predicted for 450 years.

forecast for 2012, we have already put forward their hypothesis on the interpretation of this verse, and they have not changed. We assume that the description of the war. In particular, the second line can talk about the probability of use of nuclear weapons. Instability in the Middle East should increase, including without the involvement of Egypt. Significance of Islam in the region has increased.

So we've seen all four lines, which according to the
formula of Caesar relate to 2013. Now the points list the events that may occur during the year.

1. There remains a small probability of the dramatic events in the Black Sea and in the Black Sea region. (Quatrain II-XXI)
2. There remains a significant probability of a major war in the Middle East, in the first place, with the participation of Syria, Israel and Palestine. (Quatrain III-XCVII)
3. The destruction of a great empire. This may be an "empire of the Arab countries," the alliance of Iran, Syria, Turkey and the USA. (Quatrain III-XCVII)
4. There is a possibility of a global catastrophe with a large number of victims. (Quatrain I-X)
5. The fighting on land and on water, the center of the war - the Middle East, including Egypt is growing role of Islam. (Quatrain II-LXXXVI) 



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