Forecast for 2015 based on the predictions of Nostradamus

Nostradamus's prediction for 2015 * Forecast for 2015 based on the predictions of Nostradamus


Before we get acquainted with a forecast for 2015, let's look at the year 2014. Major events of the 2014 year are the events around Ukraine (nationalist revolution, the transfer of Crimea to Russia's jurisdiction, the war in the Donbas) and the middle East (fighting Islamic radicals on the establishment of the "Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant", the operation of the Western countries on their neutralization). The forecast for 2014 we assumed the probability of a major war in the middle East in the first place, with the participation of Syria, Israel, Palestine. (quatrain III-XXI ). The full extent of this, thank God, did not happen, one can only talk about partial implementation and about the possibility of instability in the middle East in 2015. Ukraine is in the forecast for 2014 was not directly mentioned. However, according to the quatrain I-LXXV assumed possible outbreak of war, the conquest of some areas of Savonna, the use of the fleet and of the two armies. there is reason to believe that this quatrain refers to the war in the Donbass. The table below provides more detailed discussions on this topic. The forecast for 2013 we have mentioned quatrain II-XXI, which referred to the Black sea. According to our calculations, its implementation was to be held until 2013. However, immediately with the onset of 2014 events around the Black sea began to unfold in a spiral (take the transfer of Crimea to Russia's jurisdiction), which forced us to draw Parallels between the events and the quatrain II-XXI. In addition, it is possible that in 2014, received a partial realization of the quatrains I-X and II-LXXXVI. Quatrain I-X apparently dedicated to a war (and in 2014 they were), and the quatrain II-LXXXVI in particular tells us about "the increase of Muhammad", i.e. the field of radical Islam, which is full compliance with events in 2014, primarily in Iraq and Syria.

Now let's look at those quatrains, which may be relevant to 2015.
Due to the fact that it is impossible to assert that the quatrain III-XCVII with due date in 2012 (or 2010-2014) turned up to the present time, it is advisable to consider it and now, making his performance a little late in 2015.

quatrain III-XCVII with the date of execution - in 2012 (or 2010-2014).

The new law will take a new earth.
In the [area] of Syria, Judea and Palestine.
Big Empire barbarians fall,
Before Phoebus (Pheses) determine its age.

quatrain IX - 2013 (or 2011-2015.)

Snakes to waste in an iron cage,
Where to put seven children of the King.
The old men come out of the depths of hell
To see how their children are dying / their fetus / death and screams.

quatrain II-LXXXVI - 2014 (or 2012-2016

Shipwreck Fleet in the Adriatic waves.
The earth trembles, excited blast / air, hit the ground?.
Egypt trembles, increases [region] of Muhammad
Crier cries for the return of faith /?.

and quatrain I-LXXV - 2016 (or 2014-2018).
Tyrant of Siena take Savona,
It conquered the fortress navy suit.
Two armies under the banner of Ancona,
Of cowardice leader ponders [what to do?].

quatrain III-LI - 2017 (or 2015-2019)
Paris is plotting to commit more murders,
Blois will cause it to go into full swing events
Residents of Orleans will want to give their leader /return of their leader/
Angers, Troyes, Langres will cause them harm.

The forecast for 2014 we have tried to interpret the first 4 quatrains, therefore, will not be fully repeated. Here are just a event table for these quatrains and indicate that you have already come true, and what is only to be held in 2015.

Non quatrains
The implementation of events in 2014
The possibility of implementation in 2015
III-XCVII The new law (the so-called "democracy") continued to spread in the middle East (Syria, unrest in Egypt and others). According to another version by the new law may be due to the spread of radical Islam in the middle East with the subsequent creation of the state ISIL. Is expected to continue dissemination of new laws in the middle East. It remains a mystery line about the Great Empire of the barbarians.
I-X There is a possibility that the quatrain is associated with dramatic events in Ukraine. The possibility of implementing quatrain in 2015 remains quite high, due to the fact that one cannot argue about his performance in the preceding period.
II-LXXXVI The implementation of this quatrain continued in 2014. First of all this is reflected in the increase of Muhammad" (i.e. the spread of radical Islam). A good example is the emergence of the state ISIL. Quatrain likely will continue to be implemented. High probability of large-scale terrorist attacks, hostilities in the Arab East, the spread of radical Islam. In the event you may be involved Egypt.
Unambiguous interpretation of the quatrains is not yet defined. There is a version that he dedicated to the war in Ukraine. In this case, the implementation started in 2014. Remarkable is the fact that the city of Savona, mentioned in the quatrain - the twin city of Mariupol. In this case, the city should be occupied with a kind of tyrant. The third line tells us about the two armies under the banner of Ancona. In the case of the Ukrainian interpretation this means the army of Donetsk and Lugansk National Republics under one banner of Novorossiya. Adds to the intrigue is the fact that in the middle ages the city of Ancona was in part independent from Rome and Ancona Republic.
Remains the likelihood of further implementation of the quatrain. The 4th line tells us that we can witness the indecision of a certain leader.
катрен III-LI The implementation of the quatrain is not yet marked.  
The possibility of implementing quatrain in 2015 high. Probably the French participation in the war or in the planning of the murder of a famous person.


So, it remains for us to summarize and generalize forecasts for 2015. What is expected:

1. There remains a small probability of a major war in the middle East in the first place, with the participation of Syria, Israel, Palestine. (quatrain III-XXI )
2. There remains a small probability of failure of a large country. (quatrain III-XXI )
3. Possible dramatic events with a large number of victims (quatrain I-X)
4. There remains a significant probability of hostilities in the middle East. Perhaps they will involve Egypt and other Islamic countries. (quatrain I-X )
5. Significant probability hesitation a leader (according to one version of the President of Ukraine) in situations involving fleet and the two armies (presumably army Donetsk and Lugansk PR). (quatrain I-LXXV)
6. A significant probability of participation of France in the war or in the planning of the murder of a famous person.

Thus, we can conclude that 2015, and 2014 won't be bright. One of the hotbeds of tension will remain the middle East. The war on Ukraine, it may be "frozen". At the same time, it is not excluded the complete disintegration of Ukraine. The likelihood of wars and other catastrophic events is high enough, one can take the most active part of France.
In any case, let's hope for the best and pray to Almighty God that he had mercy on us despite our sins.



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